Services for the Divorcing Client

Pre-Divorce Services

  • Compile, organize and value assets (marital and separate)
  • Search for hidden assets or income
  • Analyze liabilities
  • Prepare statements of net worth
  • Perform lifestyle analysis
  • Establish realistic budgets
  • Determine immediate needs

Divorce settlement preparation and long-term planning

  • Determine and prioritize goals
  • Estimate future earnings potential
  • Anticipate future expenses (obligations)
  • Project retirement needs

Divorce settlement analysis and negotiation

Evaluate financial and tax implications of a proposed division of assets

  • Suggest alternative settlement proposals if necessary
  • Compare and evaluate settlement scenarios
  • Analyze long-term cash flow and net worth
  • Minimize risk through appropriate action prior to divorce finalization
  • Compare after-tax asset sales
  • Estimate maintenance needs and ability to pay
  • Determine maintenance/child support trade-offs
  • Before and after-tax analysis of property settlement (transfer and/or sale)
  • Create individualized reports that illustrate current and future financial status

Post Divorce

  • Determine tax obligations relative to the sale of assets
  • Discuss and prioritize financial goals
  • Establish new budget and post-divorce financial plan
  • Monitor implementation and results of new financial plan

Services for Divorce Attorneys

In addition to those services for clients listed above, I work with attorneys in the following areas:

  • Financial and tax analysis of proposed settlements
  • Creation of additional settlement scenarios
  • Forensic accounting and auditing to determine existence of additional assets or income
  • Evaluate long-term financial consequences of any proposed settlement; present results to the client and/or to the court
  • Serve as an experienced expert witness for financial matters