Having experienced professionals manage the financial aspects of a divorce takes the burden off you while providing the best outcomes for your clients.  For over nine years, I have worked with divorce attorneys and their clients.  Like many Certified Divorce Financial Analysts, I am adept at providing the following services:

  • Financial analysis of proposed settlements
  • Tax analysis of past, current, or future situations
  • Creation of additional settlement scenarios
  • Evaluation of long-term financial consequences for any proposed settlement, present results to the client and/or to the court
  • Serve as an expert witness for financial matters

UNLIKE many other financial professionals in this field, though, I bring a unique set of skills and qualifications.  I began my career as a Revenue Agent for the Internal Revenue Service.  In this role, I spent every day determining and providing proof of what a taxpayer’s income really was, as opposed to what was reported.  This skill is very valuable in divorce matters, where income may be in question for a self-employed spouse or business owner.  In addition, my IRS experience is well received as part of my qualifications for expert testimony, both in the areas of unreported income and for the tax analysis of divorce settlements.

My certifications as a Certified Fraud Examiner and Certified Internal Auditor speak to my work in the area of forensic accounting.  I am experienced and very skilled in analyzing books and records to report on anything from unreported assets or income, to the excessive use of credit cards.

I am also uniquely qualified as a team member for divorcing parties who are going through a very difficult time, perhaps the hardest time of their lives.  Before I began work in the field of tax and accounting, I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work.  And I recently earned a certificate in Applied Positive Psychology.  In my work with individuals going through the divorce process, I really focus on Kindness.